Top 10 Tips When Forming a New Business

Taking the leap to start a company is something that takes a particular type of drive, passion, and risk. Entrepreneurs all share those characteristics and that is what makes them successful as they embark on the journey of entrepreneurship. Whether you plan to start a sole proprietorship or general partnership, limited partnership, limited liability company,… Read More »

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New Commercial Building

Different Types of Commercial Real Estate

Over the last few decades commercial real estate has skyrocketed as an attractive asset for all types of people looking to make an investment. Commercial real estate properties vary in categories, but they are all purchased to generate profit with through rental income and/or capital gain. In addition, commercial property refers to either buildings or… Read More »

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Benefits of Mediation in a Dispute

Resolving a dispute of any size without the use of the court system has a wide variety of benefits for all parties involved. There are so many situations in which two parties need help coming to a resolution in the event of a disagreement and would prefer to avoid civil litigation. From things like divorce… Read More »

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Short Sale House

Short Sales in Illinois

For some reason, short sales and the process that goes into them are large mystery to many. From listing agents to buyers and sellers, understanding the basics behind short sales in Illinois is very important. When a bank grants a short sale it is typically because the seller is going through a hardship of some… Read More »

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Top Qualities to Look for in a Lawyer

Choosing an attorney to represent you, your family, and your best interests is not an easy task. There are thousands of lawyers located throughout Illinois and making the decision on which one to hire means weighing a variety of factors that are most significant to you. First and foremost, it is important to realize that… Read More »

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Basic Components of a Will

Estate planning is an essential part of planning for your future. While most people avoid thinking about death and what will happen to their estate thereafter, the reality is that this type of planning is necessary for everyone. Speaking to an attorney who specializes in estate planning, wills, and trusts is critical as you prepare… Read More »

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house buying or real estate

Buying a Home in Illinois

Searching for and then purchasing a home is far more complex than many would imagine. In a perfect world, the process would be as simple as finding a great house, making an offer, and moving in. Nevertheless, there are a number of factors that come into play when determining the right home for you and… Read More »

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Businessman pointing year 2018. Business new year card concept.

Business Strategy for a Successful 2018

December marks a time for holiday spirit, friends and family, and preparation for the New Year ahead. For business owners and entrepreneurs alike, thinking through objectives and strategies for the coming year is imperative in laying the foundation for business success. With constant changes in the business landscape to newly emerging technology trends, now is… Read More »

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