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7 of the Most Interesting Will Requests

Estate planning is an important process for everyone. Whether you are single or married, young or old, without children or a parent, outlining the transfer of assets in anticipation of death is an essential part of life. Without proper estate planning, wasted assets and chaos typically ensue following a death. Since discussing the intricacies of a will is usually a very serious subject, we decided that it might lighten the topic to discuss some of the more unusual bequests made in wills throughout history.

Out-of-the-Ordinary Will Requests

While the majority of wills are serious and contain specific instructions for assets, some contain lighter elements like sending messages to loved ones from beyond the grave. The following are some of the most interesting will requests we have seen to date:

  1. More than one person has left millions of dollars to their dog
  2. One woman requested to be buried in her Ferrari
  3. A request for the deceased’s skin to be used to make a pair of drums
  4. Leaving one long-stemmed red rose at the home of the deceased’s wife’s home
  5. A party-filled weekend for the deceased’s closest friends
  6. One man left money to 70 strangers randomly picked from a phone directory
  7. Large assets were left to any local woman in town who birthed the most children in the decade after his death

While some of the above bequests are loving and thoughtful, others are just plain strange. In any event, it is interesting to read about what is important to some and what messages are important to send from the afterlife.

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