Do I Need to Hire a Real Estate Attorney?

People tend to be hesitant to reach out for help when they need it. When it comes to leaning on professional legal services, far too many Illinois residents hold back in asking for assistance for fears of many different kinds. In the real estate sector, many home buyers, home sellers, and commercial real estate professionals ask themselves “Do I need to hire a real estate lawyer?” The answer to that question lies in a variety of factors.

Many people make the mistake of assuming that if they are working with a real estate agents they do not need a lawyer. However, there are many scenarios in which hiring a real estate attorney in addition to the realtor is advantageous. The following are some common signs that you may need to hire a real estate attorney:

  • The transaction is complex – this often falls in the commercial real estate category, where attention to detail is imperative
  • You are buying a home and are out of town
  • The land you are looking to buy is currently owned by the bank
  • There are structural issues with the property
  • The home you are selling has a history of property liens
  • Selling a deceased relative’s land
  • You need someone to review the agreement
  • The terms or conditions are complicated

Hire A Real Estate Lawyer in Naperville

While the above list is certainly not exhaustive, it gives you an idea of the many different situations in which a real estate lawyer’s experience and expertise are essential. The Law Office of Brenda Murzyn, P.C. is highly experienced in all legal aspects of buying or selling residential real estate. Our firm regularly represents clients in a wide variety of transactions including the sale and/or purchase of single or multi-family dwellings, condominiums, and co-ops. We are also experts in FSBO (for sale by owner) deals, rehabbed or new construction, brokered purchases, and sales.

In addition, our firm has represented individuals, corporations, limited liability companies, and estates in their acquisition, sales, refinancing, and development of every type of commercial property in Illinois. Whether you are a buyer, a seller, or a tenant, The Law Office of Brenda Murzyn, P.C. will protect your rights and best interests in the purchase and sale of apartment buildings, office, retail, and industrial space, warehouse, and vacant land.

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