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Advantages of Forming a Partnership in Business

Every type of business entity inevitably has a variety of both advantages and disadvantages associated with it. Today, we are focusing on partnerships in business and what specific benefits are associated with them. There are two types of partnerships in business: general partnerships and limited partnerships. In a general partnership, there is a joint ownership… Read More »

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Choosing Mediation Over Trial

When a dispute arises and two parties cannot come to an agreement a decision must be made: file a lawsuit or try to work with an alternative. When two parties are facing a conflict, mediation is a great tool used to reach a mutually acceptable agreement through negotiation. The ability to avoid the trial process… Read More »

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Worst Real Estate Markets for 2018

When it comes to trends and projections in the real estate industry, the majority of the attention is placed on the next hot market. It’s exciting to look at up and coming neighborhoods and try to predict where the market trends are heading, but it’s almost just as important to pay attention to the potentially… Read More »

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9 Interesting Entrepreneurship Statistics

Entrepreneurs make up the some of the most important aspects of business in America. While people like Elon Musk and Mark Zuckerberg account for the majority of the headlines and the fanfare in modern pop culture, the reality is that small businesses play a major role in what drives our economy forward. From independent entrepreneurs… Read More »

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Identifying the Right Illinois Attorney

Attorneys in Illinois are easy to find. There are thousands of lawyers across the state and in examining law practice choices from big cities to small towns, a quick Google search would reveal many, many options for legal representation. With so many available attorneys, it would seem making the decision about an attorney that is… Read More »

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8 Simple Ways to Add Value to Your Home

Making the decision to sell a home automatically shifts the homeowner’s perspective of the place they have inhabited for years. This change in perspective means reevaluating what your home looks like to others versus what your personal preferences have been. From minor home improvement projects to major home renovations, real estate professionals would agree that… Read More »

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Discussing Your Will with Your Heirs

Estate planning is a necessary and sometimes uncomfortable aspect that comes up in everyone’s life at one point or another. Going through the process of determining where property and other assets will go can be overwhelming and stressful in it of itself. Adding to that the stresses associated with the emotional aspects of wills and… Read More »

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Benefits of Mediation to Resolve a Dispute

Mediation is a method used to help parties confronting a dispute reach a mutually acceptable agreement through negotiation. With the goal of being an alternative to a traditional trial process, mediation is often a much less expensive approach to resolving an issue. Litigation has a number of uncertainties surrounding it and the risk of things… Read More »

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