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Commercial Real Estate Trends to Watch

While the U.S. economy has proven to be a little shaky, general signs of growth have given hope to the commercial real estate market. For instance, if interest rates are going to remain relatively stable in the next year, property value will likely remain stable with the natural benefit from the cost of borrowing. However,… Read More »

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Murzyn Law Mediation

Common Scenarios Involving Mediation

Mediation is often looked at as a process in which to solve a problem or dispute. Coming to a mutually acceptable agreement through negotiation is commonly the most effective alternative to the traditional constraints of the trial process. As such, mediation is typically the preferred conflict resolution option, as it saves time and money for… Read More »

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business location

Top 10 Locations to Start a Business

Starting a business is a massive endeavor filled with seemingly endless question marks. How will the business get funding? How competitive is the market? What are the most critical steps to take in the first year prior to launch? Does my business require partnerships of any kind? What is the best location for my business?… Read More »

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7 Things to Look For When Reviewing a Contract

Entering into a contract is a binding legal document and must therefore be reviewed extensively prior to signing. Since it is so critical to make sure that the contract or agreement is written fairly and to both party’s liking, hiring an attorney to look it over is advisable. People enter into contracts for all kinds… Read More »

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home sale

9 Interesting Factors About Short Sales

When a property owners sells their home for less than the outstanding loan balance, this is considered a short sale. In most cases, this happens when the homeowner can no longer keep paying their house payments, but the sale of the property would be enough to cover the loan balance. Short sales reached a peak… Read More »

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Best Industries for Startups in 2018

Starting a business is one of the most challenging things a person can do. In 2018, startup companies are launched almost daily, highlighting the entrepreneurial spirit that is very much alive throughout the world. There are a large number of factors to think about when considering what type of business to start. From industry to… Read More »

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Murzyn Law Estate Planning

Do You Have an Updated Will?

Taking the difficult step to make a will or trust is important, but what do you do with the documents after they are completed? If you are like most people, those legal documents are probably signed and then stored away in a safe deposit box or the back of a drawer. After spending the time… Read More »

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home sale

U.S. States with the Highest Foreclosure Rates

The foreclosure rates in the United States have seen a 1 percent increase compared a year ago, marking the first year-over-year increase in 36 months. Previously, the U.S. had seen a nationwide streak of solid numbers in terms of slowing foreclosure rates. This year, however, 21 states have posted a year-over-year increase in foreclosures. While… Read More »

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Murzyn Law Litigation

Real Estate Litigation Facts

When it comes to real estate litigation, timing is everything. Disputes in the real estate industry usually mean a significant amount of money and a short window of time to resolve said dispute. The real estate landscape is vast and potential issues with the transaction can lead to disagreements and eventually litigation. In most cases,… Read More »

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