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Fun Facts about Commercial Real Estate

From being a landlord to major mergers and from record-breaking deals to impacting an entire community, commercial real estate’s ever-evolving nature is truly fascinating in today’s markets. Understanding the current economy plays a large role in understanding the intricacies of commercial real estate as a whole. For example, as the growth of online retailers throughout… Read More »

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new business

8 Common Mistakes When Starting a Business

Taking the entrepreneurial leap to start a new business is scary and it certainly requires a certain level of confidence, preparation, and hope. There are almost 29 small businesses in the United States alone, creating a landscape that encourages new ideas to grow into new businesses. Unfortunately, however, statistics do not work in the favor… Read More »

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home sale

Preparing for a Real Estate Closing

The seller has a lot of things on their plate before, during, and after a real estate closing. Whether the seller or the seller’s attorney is handling the home sale process, a number of steps must be taken to ensure that it is handled properly. There are specific tasks that must be completed in the… Read More »

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Contract Negotiation

9 Reasons to Hire a Contracts Attorney

Contract formation can be extremely tricky for a person without relevant education on the subject matter. When it comes to drafting and reviewing contracts, consulting an attorney is imperative before entering into contract negotiations and before executing a contract. From small to medium size businesses, outsourcing legal work is common, particularly in relation to contracts.… Read More »

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Residential Real Estate Transactions

Best Locations to Invest in Real Estate This Year

Whether you are looking to invest in a rental property or considering relocating, understanding the real estate market is the first place to start when looking to buy a new home or condominium. Understanding the ever-changing real estate market means having a solid grasp on specific locations where job growth is high, population growth is… Read More »

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Murzyn Law Estate Planning

Estate Planning Today To Protect Your Tomorrow

Thinking about the death of a partner or spouse is never pleasant and people naturally avoid the discussion all together. Beginning the discussion of handling financial issues once a loss has occurred is even more difficult to do. From being “too young” to not having “enough money”, excuses range significantly as to why people avoid… Read More »

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Top 10 Facts about Foreclosures

The housing industry is constantly evolving, making it difficult to make decisions in today’s economy. In 2017, Illinois real estate market trends point to a growth in sales, and that does not include foreclosure sales. Losing your home to foreclosure is scary for any homeowner. Foreclosures in Illinois are judicial, which means that the lender… Read More »

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contract agreement

The 4 Necessary Elements of a Contract

Understanding the ins and outs of entering into a contract is imperative, as contracts are legally binding agreements between two or more entities or persons which is enforceable in a court of law or in equity. Contracts are complex by nature and therefore require absolute attention to detail. As a result, contraction formation should never… Read More »

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7 Insider Tips for Selling Your Home

The real estate market can be tricky for a homeowner looking to sell their home. Whether you are a downsizing empty nester or a young couple looking to grow your family, getting into the process of selling your home can be complicated and stressful. While working with a real estate lawyer is not required in… Read More »

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