13 Entertaining Real Estate Facts to Ponder

When it comes to both residential and commercial real estate, most people think of things like real estate agents, listing prices, comparable properties, thriving markets, and projected sales forecasts. Buying or selling a property is serious business and that means that people rarely take as step back to look at the more entertaining side of real estate.

With so much to think about before purchasing or listing a home or commercial property, it’s nice to take a look at the lighter side of real estate. The following are some of the most entertaining real estate facts that we could find:

  1. With over 80 rooms and 10 floors, the world’s largest treehouse took more than 14 years to build
  2. The White House is valued at about $110 million
  3. McDonald’s has one of the best real estate portfolios in the world
  4. In Scotland, it is customary to paint your door red once you pay off your mortgage
  5. Central Park in New York City is valued at an approximate $512 trillion
  6. A Canadian real estate group owns the Mall of America
  7. Donald Trump has filed for corporate bankruptcy a whopping four times
  8. The majority of the Las Vegas strip is not actually located in the city of Las Vegas, but in a city called Paradise to avoid high taxes
  9. Some castles in France are selling for the less than the price of a two bedroom apartment in Australia
  10. When the Empire State Building was constructed the needle at the top was supposed to be used as an anchor for blimps
  11. Mark Zuckerberg purchased the four houses that surrounded his home and then leased them back to the owners in order to avoid those homes marketing themselves as “next to Mark Zuckerberg”
  12. An overnight stay at Luke Skywalker’s childhood home in Tunisia, Africa costs only $10
  13. The country with the longest coastline is Canada

Well, there you have it…fun and entertaining real estate facts that take finances, stress, and paperwork out of the often serious topic. At the Law Office of Brenda Murzyn, P.C., we have years of experience in residential real estate transactions and commercial real estate transactions. Contact our Naperville office today to learn more!

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