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7 Tips for Selling Your Home in the Spring Season

When it comes to the real estate market, people often praise location as being the biggest focus of selling quickly. However, timing is another critical factor for getting the home on and off the market rapidly. The spring season is not just a time of year when flowers are blooming, it’s also the time of year when buyers are out and about looking to make a purchase. For many buyers, searching for a home in spring means that they will have time to find, buy, and then settle in a home over the summer in order to be ready for the new school year to begin.

With the most home buyers looking during April, May, and June, it is absolutely critical to get all of your ducks in a row now. If you are considering putting your home on the market, here are some important tips for selling your home in the spring season:

  1. Trim your trees and bushes, make sure your dead leaves are raked away, and remove any overgrown vegetation near walkways and windows
  2. Get your home inspected now and fix as many repairs as you can
  3. Do a deep interior cleaning of your home, including things like polishing floors and mirrors, cleaning window treatments, and washing the inside and outside of all windows
  4. Consider planting yellow flowers in the front of your home, as the color yellow has been known to encourage buying impulses
  5. Consider mowing your lawn diagonally to give it a well-manicured look
  6. Pay attention to details in places like the bathrooms where you should have layered towels on the racks
  7. Bake fresh cookies or have freshly cut flowers in the home to give it a warm, inviting smell

According to Zillow, the spring season typically garners the highest sale prices for homes. If you are considering selling your home, the time to start preparing to put it on the market is right now. Start with a general plan and then pinpoint specific tasks that must be completed to achieve your goal.

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