9 Things to Look for Before Buying a Home

Buying a new home is one of the biggest decisions a person will make in their lifetime. From assessing the neighborhood to figuring out if the potential new home checks enough of your personal boxes, the home buying process can feel extremely overwhelming. Many suggest to start the home search by determining the most important personal preferences and necessities required by you and your family. While this is certainly an important first step, there are a number of additional elements to consider.

The following are some of the major items you should look for before buying a home:

  1. Assess the furnace and air conditioning units
  2. Inspect the roof and look out for any immediate repair needs
  3. Check under sinks for things like plumbing issues and mold/water damage
  4. Take a look at the floors for craftsmanship, poor flooring can be a sign of a flipped home
  5. Notice things like uneven floors, sticking doors, or cracks above window frames, as these could all be signs of foundation problems
  6. Follow your nose and smell for things like pet odors, sewage issues, mildew, or cigarettes
  7. Check the function of everything that you can get your hands on – from lights switches to faucets, test is all
  8. Take notice of the appliances for both their age and condition
  9. Inspect the home’s insulation by taking a look at the attic, heating ducts, and water pipes

The reality is that nearly every single house has some kind of defect. The importance is determining how large the issue is and if it is fixable. Understanding what features are important to you before you start your search will make things much easier as you being creating a prospect list. As always, be sure to lean on professionals to guide you throughout the home buying process.

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